Different electric motor applications

Much is in great use of electric motors, but some people have doubts about the end use of this machine. Here we separated some information about the different electric motor applications so you can have a better understanding on how this machine is important for very varied segments.

First it is important to understand what is the motor function. electric motor serves to make the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy, as there are several processes and products that need mechanical energy, the engine ends up being the most suitable for this to occur. There are other machines that also perform similar to that motor functions. 11255175 coxreels pneumatics

The engine applications are present in segments such as appliances, elevators, industrial processes and even in the automotive segment. The engine is evolving in recent years and possibly have more news from soon. Worth watching evolution of this machine so that we can understand how it is important for all industries.

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Alarm on the electric motor serves to monitor its operation

During the daily routine in which the electric motor is used, situations arise that the electric motor of the trunk line suffers and these situations are: alarms, common causes of alarm conditions, jump-start an electric motor, emergency start, stop a electric motor, operating speed and power.

Alarms are devices that are able to monitor the electric motor variables and these variables are: temperature of the electric motor components are the bearings and windings, the resistive temperature sensors that are built into the electric motor, the electric motor vibrations and external sensors, and also the electric motor current.


The electric motor provides this protection model sounds an alarm when the temperature or vibrations, or even the current exceeds the maximum limit and so the electric motor will go to sleep immediately and the electric motor can not be re-triggered instantaneously.

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Electric motor DC

Electric motor DC no longer suffers with sparking problem caused by the switch system.

The electric motor did well with the arisings of frequency inverters and the use of permanent magnets in the rotor, as with the recent brushless systems is the system brushless electric motor DC no longer suffers with sparking problem that was caused by the switch of the system, however, it is so that the electric motor is more expensive when compared to their counterparts with brushes and thus the electric motor of direct current is more expensive when compared to the electric motor current alternating, especially induction.


The electric motor with continuous current is not good also, it needs special measures starting even when applied in small machines and the motor assembly of more inverter induction for small and medium power is still cheaper than the electric motor DC .

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Motor single-phase connection

The single-phase motor is one of the types of gifts engines on the market and its connection differs from that three-phase model. Who is using this engine has to have knowledge about how to make the correct connection of the same, here we will present more information about for better understanding.

Learn how to connect the single-phase electric motor IDVSWDM3546 2016. These motors are connected with the aid of a simple command or a direct starter, much depends on engine power being used. Therefore, there is no exact way to make the connection depends on the product the customer has brothers.

Before starting the single-phase motor connection it is interesting to check the closing of it and measure the voltage of the power network, these two factors are very important. Today the engine is responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy and so the machine can be installed in various processes.

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Three-phase electric motor single phase

There is an internal difference between three-phase electric motor and single-phase electric motor. Both serve to make the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy, only that each one works in a different way and why it is interesting to have knowledge on this information to better understand these two engines.

The three-phase electric motor, such as the description itself already mentions it works on the three-phase network. It is more complex, more powerful and suitable for applications that require these features. It will also cause the conversion of energy, only it is the industrial environment who makes the most use of this type of engine.


The difference is even in the power of these engines as they both perform the same function, but in different applications. The interesting thing is that the engine has evolved considerably and could have these different options to meet the increasingly varied segments. An engine that will still grow a lot and that will be found in other end-use applications.

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Electric motor which makes

Understanding the engine functionality is not a difficult process, especially because this machine is quite objective in doing. It is increasing the segments that are using the functionality of this machine in order to run a more economical and effective work, learn a little more and understand what are the benefits of such use.

The engine has a very important function that is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. There are numerous processes and products that need this transformation, so that the electric motor is used. The transformation is done in a more economical way, especially when compared to other machines that will perform the same function.


Greatly increased the number of segments using this engine to be able to convert energy. We have two types of electric motors, the first is the single-phase, suitable for basic segments. The second is the three-phase, suitable for more complex segments.

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